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Zoomlifestyle Lottery. We will be discussing all you need to know about Zoomlifestyle, how to play zoom, how to claim your zoom account, all categories you can play, the number of times you can subscribe to a category and so on. We will e discussing all you need to know about zoom lifestyle. Stay on this page to get all information you need about zoom and if you have any questions or contributions, kindly leave them in the comment box below.

What is Zoom Lifestyle?

Zoom is a lifestyle entertainment lottery that offers subscribers the opportunity to win millions of naira in cash and prizes that include music video shooting, concert tickets, back-stage passes, sports and business mentoring and more.

Founder and CEO of Zoom Lifestyle Lottery

The founder and ceo of Zoom Lifestyle is Peter Okoye popularly known as Mr. P. Zoom Lottery was launched in February 2019

Zoomlifestyle Lottery

How Does Zoomlifestyle Work?

Zoomlifestyle has five (5) categories currently active. One can select his or her desired category and play.

  1. Send keyword command in an SMS to 20010, for example “sport” to 20010
  2. Keywords are: MUSIC;DANCE ; SPORTS ; BUSINESS
  3. Dial a USSD short-code (*20010#) and select a category via the USSD menu

How to Play Zoom

We will be discussing how to play zoom. Zoom Lifestyle is a the only lottery in Nigeria that conducts their draws live. A step by step guide on how to play zoom has been posted below. A short video has also been uploaded. This video will guide you how how to play zoom.

how to play zoom

“ZOOM UP YOUR LIFE WITH MR. P” Promo is a lifestyle and entertainment contest in which anyone can take part for a chance to win exciting prizes including cash prizes, backstage passes, music video productions etc.

The Promo operates through a Value-Added Service “VAS” solution designed to engage both domestic and international Nigerians to promote the entertainment and sport scene. It is running from 2018 and may be extended. Nigerians can participate in the Promo during this time by subscribing and submitting subscription messages (SMS, USSD and WEB) to USSD Short Code * 20010 #, the NCC has approved Short Code for Promotion from any mobile network in Nigeria. Customers may also play by visiting the website www.zoomlifestyle.com. At the end of every Promo month the winners are selected through a raffle draw whereinone winner is selected per group.

The “ZoomLifestyle” Promo affords participants, an opportunity to choose from fourcategories of participation:

  • Music/Dance draw – Participants will play to win for dance and music production/recording and
  • Sports/Business Draw – Participants will be play for sports trials and support in their sport career.
  • International Draw – Participants in dispora will play to participate.
Participation in the above categories will run through an SMS, Web, and USSD platform created for the Promotion purpose. By entering the Promotion, participant accepts and agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out below.

Step By Step Guide on How to Play Zoom

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Follow the steps below to play zoom

Visit zomlifestyle

  • Click Buy Raffle
  • Fill your details and pay
  • Check your email for your raffle tickets
  • You are now eligible for the raffle draw!

It is as simple as that

How Many Categories can One Play?

You can play as many categories as you wish. It is always recommended that you choose more than one category in other to increase your chances of winning by selecting a different service category.

How can you Claim you Price if you win

Once you have played and won, you will be contacted automatically via SMS. Prizes are delivered by cheque or transfer at Zoomoffice


Currently zoomlifestyle lottery is sponsored by MTN, 9mobile National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and Truthware solutions.

If you have any questions on Zoomlifestyle Lottery, Kindly drop it in the comment box below and we will give you a reply as soon as possible.

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  1. Matthew Ezekiel says

    I have registered for the last draw but I don’t understand, does that mean the#500 ticket is gone ? And when is the next draw?
    I really want to have Deep understanding of this game. Thanks

    1. admin says

      Once you make payment on zoomlifestile official page, you are automatically qualified for the draw. The next draw is scheduled 27 June 2020. Once you win, you will receive a call from Zoomlifestile.

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