Your Foolish Charge & Bail Lawyer Can’t Help You Endut slams Joro

Your Foolish Charge & Bail Lawyer Can’t Help You Endut slams Joro

Despite move by self-acclaimed Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin to sue Instagram influencer, Tunde Ednut, the later is not backing down.

The present commotion started some months ago after Ednut accused Olumofin, of purporting lies on his blogs about various relationships.

According to ednut, most of the stories Olumofin shares are not true.

Olumofin had seriously warned Ednut to desist from continuously defaming him, but all warning fell on deaf ears.

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Yesterday, Olumofin revealed that he has taken legal action against him in Nigeria and the US.

Tunde Ednut however called Joro’s bluff and even mocked the lawyer representing Joro Olumofin. He referred to Joro’s lawyer as a “charge and bail lawyer“.

Also, he mocked Joro for the “embarrassing” press conference he organized to reveal that he has taken legal action against him.

Tunde shared a photo of Joro and his lawyer at the press conference and wrote:

Charge and bail lawyer. The idiot never reach court, he’s already tired and feeling sleepy. Your money won’t be more than N5,000. Modafucker. Very embarrassing press conference. See a grown man went to dress fully to face camera, while all I do is just type and when you read, you get depressed. I have never done videos. I just type and f*ck up all the commas. Joro, the wedding crasher Oshi, relationship Doctor that can’t keep a relationship with any woman. You and your lawyer dey mad! I called you a liar which you are and you come go meet road side lawyer that’s feeling sleepy during ordinary press conference. Ehen! One more thing, Go and find out the meaning of illegal immigrant. TWO OLD FOOLS with hair around their private parts (D*CK) talking like kids with no facts. MODAF*CKERS!!!

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