What is Writing – See Importance Writing Techniques

What Is Writing

Writing is a technique of representing what is spoken, heard, experienced or read on paper or any writing tablet. It is an expressive language skill used in recording a variety of life experiences in a more permanent form. The knowledge we acquire and improve today is passed to us by those who have lived through various experiences. In school situation, learning depends largely on reading what other people have written. Apart from recording experiences for permanence, transfer and easy retrieval, writing also links us to friends, relations and other groups of people we desire to interact with through letters.

What is Writing

As a result of the current wave of literacy, commerce and global advancement in science and technology, writing now pervades every aspect of human endeavour. Thus we write to give Information, direct people, give instructions, label objects; complete fax, passports, order and other forms; write letters to friends, relations, employers, business associates; record events, recollections, achievements, agreements; reports of proceedings,    accidents,    experiments,    completed    Jobs, supervision of projects, etc.

While most writings are generally understood by people who are literate in the linguistic code employed, others are not. Written codes in some technical fields such as legal drafting fall within the latter category (see the relevant section on legal drafting below).

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          The writer relies entirely on the written word to get his message across to his target audience. This is because quite unlike in spoken communication, there is no face-to-face interaction, explanation of points by use of gestures and examples through voice, rhythm and stress. The writer needs to state clearly and precisely what he wants his target audience to know.

Specifically, the ability of a writer to put his message across to his target audience depends on his lexical and structural choices. The writer brings ideas together and carefully arranges the words for the purposes of achieving unity and beauty in what he has created or composed. The ideas are put together in such a way that the language affects the target readers. One should note, however, that language and style (manner) vary from one writer to another as do the subjects the writers may choose.

While writing is an art and comes to some people naturally, to others, it is a craft to be acquired after systematic and regular training. Whatever the goal, and however one looks at it, writing ought to be for the student a carefully planned process, an activity that occurs overtime. Writing requires great skill and care.


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