World Yoruba Congress (YWC): Yoruba Day 2020 Commences

World Yoruba Congress (YWC): Yoruba Day 2020 Commences

The Yoruba World Congress (YWC) has announced its readiness for the 2020 Yoruba Annual Celebrations.

The one-week long global events approved by the YWC Leaders Council will begin on Wednesday to mark the end of the Kiriji War and announce the YWC Manifesto to the Yoruba Community.

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The 2020 Yoruba Day Celebrations will be hosted by the YWC Chapters in Nigeria, South Africa , the United States, England, Brazil and Cuba.

Speaking about the gathering, the chairman of the YWC Planning Committee, Prof. Anthony Kila, said the series of global events would be organized by a 16-man international committee made up of influential Yoruba leaders residing in five continents around the world.

In his words, he said

“Some lined up events include manifesto for Yoruba Nation, hosted in Lagos, Yoruba Global Library Project, hosted in the USA, Yoruba in the world, hosted in Brazil and Cuba, tomorrow people and Yoruba Culture, hosted in Ibadan, Yoruba Community Development and Empowerment, hosted in South Africa, safety & security in Yorubaland, hosted by Amotekun ni gbobo wa.

Other events include Yoruba Women in National Development; Yoruba Youths Summit and Yoruba Elders and Leaders Lunch.

Kila explained that the planning committee is very conscious of health and safety issues and will therefore be putting in measures to safeguard participants before and during every event.

The events, according to Kila, will have a few people gather at various venues and everyone can log in from anywhere in the world to participate in the events online. The events will also be aired on TV and radio.

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