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‘This Was A Stolen Election, These People Are Thieves’ – Trump Blows Hot

‘This Was A Stolen Election, These People Are Thieves’ – Trump Blows Hot

President Donald Trump on Sunday insisted that the US presidential poll was stolen from him and that the people involved in the fraud are thieves.

Trump was soundly defeated by Joe Biden in the presidential election after the democratic candidate secured 279 electoral college votes with counting still ongoing.

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The president had consistently said the poll was rigged in favour of Biden, but he has not been able to substantiate the allegations.

An angry Trump in series of tweets on Sunday said

“We believe these people are thieves. The big city machines are corrupt. This was a stolen election.

“Best pollster in Britain wrote this morning that this clearly was a stolen election, that it’s impossible to imagine that Biden outran Obama in some of these states.

“We should look at the votes. We’re just beginning the tabulation stage. We should look at these allegations. We’re seeing a number of affidavits that there has been voter fraud,” he said.

According to Trump, “we have a history in this country of election problems. In Pennsylvania you had an order by a Supreme Court Justice to compel them to separate ballots that were received after the legislative deadline.

“It required the intervention of Justice Alito. That’s a large group of ballots. When you talk about systemic problems, it’s about how these ballots were authenticated, because if there’s a problem in the system about authentication, that would seriously affect the entire election and what concerns me is that we had over a hundred million mail-in ballot in cites like Philladelphia and Detroit with a long series of election problems (to put it mildly).”

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