Terrorists And Its Sponsors Won’t Live To See 2021 – Adeboye

Terrorists And Its Sponsors Won’t Live To See 2021 – Adeboye

Terrorists and their supporters will not survive to see 2021, said Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General overseer of the Redeemed Christian of God (RCCG).

He threatened them to give up their nefarious activities or face the wrath of God within a set time.

He also called on those who rejoice in choking Nigeria to die and misappropriate funds meant for improvement to have a change of heart or face their waterloo.

Adeboye provided a clear alert during the Special Monthly Thanksgiving Service to mark Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day at RCCG headquarters, Throne of Grace, Ebute-Metta, Lagos on Sunday.

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The theme of the service was “Let God arise”.

He also warned countries pretending to love Nigeria but are plotting to destroy her to stop their insidious and myopic tendencies, adding that God will deal with them.

“There are some people buying weapons for those that are carrying guns who are causing havoc here and there and there are also some nations that are befriending our nation that is not truly our friend, who want us to borrow money so much that we would not be able to repay, knowing fully well that an average borrower would be the servant of the lender as long as he remains a debtor.

“These enemy nations manufacture guns, bullets, and rejoice when we have problems so that we can come and buy guns and bullets to kill our people. Every terrorist and every sponsor of terrorists in Nigeria would not see the New Year,” he stated.

Adeboye murmured the conditions of the nation after 60 years and asked God should arise and end the stagnation.

Adeboye however stated Nigeria has reasons to thank God at 60, stating

“if not for God, what will Nigeria be saying now? The experts expect us to be dyeing like chicken but God did not allow it to happen.”

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