See Three Relationships From BBNaija Lockdown That Died Outside The House

See Three Relationships From BBNaija Lockdown That Died Outside The House

There were several ships inside the Big Brother Naija lockdown house that many were expecting to sail blissfully outside of the house after the reality show ended.

As it has been alleged, some housemates get entangled with fellow housemates on way or the other as part of their strategies to remain in the house and win ultimately.

However, while some were only strategic, others were seemingly genuine and pure affection for each other but interestingly, their relationship did not survive the test of time days after the show ended.

Eric And Lilo

Eric and Lilo were the first set of housemates to start sailing in the house, as their affection graduated from within to a public display of love.

They were so engrossed in the romantic affair that they lost touch of their main reason for being in the lockdown house and it cost them a lot, as Lilo was the one to be evicted first, followed by Eric the following week.

Since their coming out of the house, nothing has been heard of their relationship as Lilo revealed she has reunited with her boyfriend.

Tolanibaj and Prince

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Prince entanglement with Tolanibaj was short-lived as a third party came into the mix.

Prince had prior to his short spell with Tolanibaj had expressed interest in Nengi but was turned down as she told him there cannot be anything more than a friendship between them.

Tolanibaj wanted more cuddling and display of affection from Prince for her but that was not forthcoming and unfortunately, she was evicted.

Dorathy came to replace her making Prince forget he even shared something with Tolanibaj and it has remained the same till now.

Brighto and Wathoni

Wathoni and Brighto’s friendship did not transcend to a more serious thing like a romantic relationship after they both got evicted from the lockdown house on the same day.

Brighto was quite underrated until some ladies like Dorathy and Wathoni saw prospects in him, as he was seen playing along both ladies in what seemed as a love triangle but Wathoni got the most part of him.

There were seen eating together and sharing the same bed some nights but all that good moments could not grow after they made their exit from the house.

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