Robbers narrate how they kill Lagosians at traffic spots

They rob and kill in traffic and they are quite a lot like them in Nigeria's most populous city.

Robbers narrate how they kill Lagosians at traffic spots: Two robbery suspects paraded by the Lagos State Police Command, have shared tales of how they strip Lagosians of their smartphones and strangle them in slow moving traffic.

One of the suspects said, “On Saturday night, my partner and I went to the traffic light spot.

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“My partner went to the driver of a car and strangled him while he was waiting for the traffic light”.

“I stood on the other side of the car and quickly took his phone out of the car. We quickly fled and took a bus to Oshodi to sell the phone.

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“When I alighted at Oshodi, police officers there challenged us and frisked us because they suspected us. They found the iPhone X on me.

“That’s how we’re going around and working in traffic, particularly at traffic lights, especially in places like expressways, Kara Bridge and Berger where there’s traffic.”

The other suspect said they spend the loot from their operations on having a good time and sleeping with sex workers.

“I specialize in pocket picking. I can’t pick pockets anywhere, and there’s no pocket I can pick,” he boasted.

“I operate in Ikeja, Secretariat and everywhere. Once I steal a phone, I sell it to Sego in Mile 12 and Baba Iyabo.

“After I sell the phone, I spend my loot drinking drinking small stout and fearless drink before sleeping with prostitutes.”

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