Rap Rivals M.I and Vector Finally Settle Long Time Beef

Rap Rivals M.I and Vector Finally Settle Long Time Beef

Famous Nigerian rappers, MI Abaga and Vector Tha Viper have settled their longtime misunderstanding.

It is known that the rap Giants were on each other’s throat as they trolled each other in multiple rap songs published to show who was the best.

MI and Vector eventually had a face-to-face meeting where they discussed what contributed to their disagreements during Hennessy’s ‘Conversation’ on the diary section.

Speaking on what led to their beef growing up in 2019, MI said, ‘I just thought this guy doesn’t like me,’ referring to Vector. In the other hand, the ‘Kilode’ hitmaker said, ‘I might tell that MI is sly and manipulative.’

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Upon completing the third and fourth sessions of ‘The Talk,’ the pair reached a unanimous decision to sever their differences and move on.

When asked whether there is a chance of cooperation, Vector replied;

“If this energy is pure, there’s no way I can’t see partnership going on.”

MI and Vector ended ‘The Conversation’ with a drink toss to a new beginning.

Watch the video below:

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