Covid19 Update: Peter Okoye Popularly Known as Mr P Contacts Corona Virus

Mr P. Contacts corona virus… Peter Okoye popularly known as Mr P. Contacts Corona Virus. Peter Okeye reports that he has been ill for the past three weeks. He had to keep it to himself. Mr. P had covid19 for about three weeks and it happens to him which made him to isolate himself in his own house.

Peter Okoye Contacts Corona Virus

Peter Okoye Contacts Cvid19

Mr. P reports that it has been hell in his house as Mr. P, His daughter and his wife contacted the virus.

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Peter Okeye’s daughter was self isolated in an apartment in his house.

After treatment Peter Okeyes daughter was pronounced negative his wife and himself all negative

Peter Okeye encourages Nigerians that they should take all necessary preventive measures in order not to contact the deadly disease

My Wife, My Daughter and My self were Covid19 Positive

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