Newborn Baby Found Dead In Gutter In Nasarawa State

Newborn Baby Found Dead In Gutter In Nasarawa State

A newborn baby wrapped in a polythene bag was found dead in a gutter near Aku Village, Mararaba, in the Karu district of Nasarawa.

The people were surprised to see the baby in the gutter.

The incident, which took place on Tuesday, attracted a huge crowd to the scene after a young man entered the gutter full of water and refuse.

Mr. Anthony Ignatius told the Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reports that a similar incident occurred on the other side of the same gutter in 2019.

“I think the mother had to give birth to the baby in the night and dumped it in the gutter.

“I wonder why a woman, who had been carrying a baby for nine months, would have acted so wickedly.

“The woman was supposed to take the child to the motherless babies home. It’s sad, “he said.

Baby Found Dead In Gutter In Nasarawa State

Baby Found Dead In Gutter In Nasarawa State
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Another local, Amina Abubakar, said, “I’ve read about this kind of stuff. But I’ve never seen it before.

“I am very surprised and angry at the woman who did this. Women are supposed to take care of themselves.

“After seeing this, I don’t think I can sleep tonight.

“My advice to women is that you do not allow yourself to become pregnant if you dump your baby.

“This child has not asked you to introduce it to the world. This woman should follow the face of God in the face of such challenges, “she said.

Another resident, Umar Bello, said:” Whoever did this, should search her conscience and go to the police.

”What will push a woman to dump an innocent soul in a gutter? People are wicked”.

NAN reports that other passers-by rained curses on the mother.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer of Nasarawa State, ASP Ramhan Nansel said the matter has not reached the command.

Nansel said the police will look into the matter.

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