Man commits suicide in Delta After Breakup With Girlfriend

Man commits suicide in Delta After Breakup With Girlfriend

A young man, known simply as Efe, reportedly committed suicide in the Okuokoko community in the Delta State Okpe Council District.

According to the witnesses, the victim, said to have been in his thirties, was found dead in his apartment on Sunday morning.

He was said to have died after taking poison.

A friend of the deceased, who spoke on an anonymous basis, confirmed that the victim attempted suicide about a month ago because the girlfriend wanted to get out of their relationship.

Two migrants commit suicide after returning home in UP | Deccan Herald

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Man commits suicide in Delta After Breakup With Girlfriend

Although he was unsure about the circumstances that prompted him to take poison again, he said that the common assumption was that it was linked to his girlfriend.

“This is something that has happened in the past. He was rushed to the hospital before it recurred. No one knows what happened right now. He was found dead in his house.

“The last month, the girlfriend said she didn’t want to have a relationship, and he drank something and walked away. Luckily, however, he was rushed to the hospital and recovered.

“Each finger points to the girl that it was probably out of love and all that. He lived well, he had a well-paid career. I don’t really understand this unfortunate incident, “said the man.

The source reported that the doctor who treated the deceased after the first attempt recommended that he should be “closely watched as he could try it (suicide) again.”

The Delta State Police Command had not yet reported the incident at the time of filing this report.

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