Just In: I Regret Creating SARS – Fulani Kwajafa Discloses

Just In: I Regret Creating SARS – Fulani Kwajafa Discloses

The founder of the SARS Anti-Robbery Squad in Nigeria has said that he regrets the establishment of the now-disbanded police force on allegations of human rights abuses.

Last week, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) declared the dismantling of the Force Unit after a series of protests in some parts of the country over years of violence against Nigerians.

The government has also set up a new force called SWAT to replace SARS, but it does not appear to appease the protesters.

In an interview with BBC Hausa, Mr Kwajafa said

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“The IGP called me that we should do something to save the country from armed robbery incidents; I accepted the offer and requested for time and materials. I then mobilised personnel for the task,” Mr Kwajafa recounted.

”Four months after the formation of SARS in 1984, the unit flushed out the criminals and there was peace all over following the successful operation,”

SARS was formed in 1984 – shortly after President Muhammadu Buhari’s ascension to military rule.

The former commissioner of police, Fulani Kwajafa, led the formation of the force during his tenure.

Mr Kwajafa former police officer now in his 80s, told Ishaq Khalid that he regretted leading the creation of the SARS force because of its recent reputation for atrocities.

“The stories I am hearing about the activities of SARS is damaging; I learnt that even among the SARS there are armed robbers,”

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