How to check Bank Verification Number (BVN) in Sterling Bank

How to check bvn in Sterling Bank

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  • What is BVN code?
  • How do i check my BVN?
  • How can I get my BVN online?

What Is BVN Code?

BVN is the 11-digit code sent to you by a bank after your fingerprints and facial photograph have been recorded into a system.

This code was implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a security measure to curb and control fraudulent banking transactions.

Why Do We Need BVN Code?

A BVN (bank verification number) code has become a crucial part of the Nigerian banking system, since it was made a must-have by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

With your secret 11 digit number, you can do anything from opening multiple bank accounts to securing those accounts from unauthorized access.

Your BVN code is important, you should keep it safe and never disclose it to anyone else or lose it.

However, If you have lost that piece of paper where you wrote your BVN, or need to access it immediately, there’s an easier way for you to check your BVN code.

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How Do I Check My Sterling Bank BVN?

If you have forgotten your BVN, or need to access it immediately, you don’t necessarily have to go to your bank to retrieve it, with just a simple universal code you can check your BVN with your mobile phone, no internet required.

To check your BVN on various platforms, follow these steps:

How To Check BVN Code On Any Network In Nigeria

Dial the code, *565*0#
Your BVN shows on your screen
Network Charges Applied

how to check bvn in Sterling Bank

How Can I Get My Sterling Bank BVN Online?

To get your BVN code online you can:

Check your BVN by logging into your bank app and click on the menu bar, you will see your BVN displayed on it.
Dial the universal code.

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