House In Akwa Ibom Sinks Due To Landslide, Leaves Three Injured

House In Akwa Ibom Sinks Due To Landslide, Leaves Three Injured

Sunday’s landslide sunk into the kitchen of the home on Asutan Street in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

The street had been divided into two.

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Three children, who had just finished making dinner, were injured as the kitchen sunk.

Asutan Street and the surrounding areas have been plagued by erosion for over 30 years.

The Homeowner Francis Ikpe described the landslide as devastating.

“It’s been a traumatic journey. Three children were cooking food, and it collapsed about five minutes after leaving the kitchen.

“As the children ate suddenly there was a boom and the kitchen was buried.”

According to him, the problem became serious when the government embarked on street repairs and construction of drainages. He said water from six adjoining streets was channelled to the place without a chamber to receive the volume of water.

“I own House 16 on Asutan Street, the compound that is badly threatened by the erosion. We have lived with the erosion for more than 30 years, though it was not this disastrous.

“But when the government started massive streets repairs and drainages, water from six adjoining streets, including barracks road, was diverted here and no chamber was built to receive the water.

“A lot of damage has been done. When it rains, the water increases and this has been posing threats to life and property.”

Ikpe urged the state to intervene before the house is completely swallowed by the slide. The government has ordered residents of erosion-ravaged areas to vacate to safer places.

Commissioner for Environment and Petroleum Resources Charles Udoh issued the vacation order after inspecting critical erosion sites in Uyo.

But residents said they could not relocate without government providing alternatives for them.

Austin Iton appealed to the state to provide alternatives for them. Another resident insisted on a resettlement support from government.

He vowed to drown than leave his ancestral home.

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