Here’s The List Of People Who Died In The #EndSARS Protest

Here’s The List Of People Who Died In The #EndSARS Protest

End Special Anti-Robbery Squad or # EndSARS is a social campaign in Nigeria that began on Twitter calling for a ban on the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a Nigerian Police Force unit, a notorious division renowned for police oppression and violence.

As expected, the EndSars Now protest was met with strong resistance from security forces and some of the gangsters who were allegedly hired by Nigerian politicians to obstruct the process.

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It has now been publicly announced that 50 protesters have been reported dead. Their names have been released and we have included the list in this article. Well, other news portals also say that the deceased died as a result of the inhuman and unprofessional behavior of SARS operatives before the demonstration started in the first place.

Here is the full list below:

List Of People Who Died In The #EndSARS Protest

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