Girl’s Skeleton Over 10 Years Old Discovered In A Nigerian Pastor’s House

Girl’s Skeleton Over 10 Years Old Discovered In A Nigerian Pastor’s House

Topgistportal learned that there was a scene of awfulness on 13th May at Peace Land Estate, Ogun State as human skeletons believed to be that of a girl who was missing was found in Pastor’s house.

According to observers, the stunning information was made when the landlady of the Pastor attempted to remove him from his house over the late installment of the leases.

One of the sources uncovered said the Pastor hasn’t been able to pay his house rent for a year now. The landlady, who was furious with the circumstance of the things, raged his home with specific individuals to oust him yet were stunned when they found a human skeleton inside the apartment.

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Individuals living in that area were pulled into the scene while the issue was immediately reported to the police station.

However, the suspect who possesses a congregation reportedly made a few disclosures about the skeleton.

He asserted that it belongs to his sister. According to him, his parents had only three children, himself and two sisters. He would live with them in the house.

In any case, for at some point now, one of the sisters named Funmi has not been seen and when asked about the whereabouts of the girl, he would say she went to the mountains.

She, be that as it may, purportedly passed on since 2010 and her body was relinquished in the house, and from the situation of the skeleton, it can ascertain the deceased was stooping on the ground.

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