Domino’s Pizza & Cold Stone Creamery Arrives Uyo

Domino’s Pizza In Uyo

Domino’s Pizza & Cold Stone Arrives Uyo

On Sunday, Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State, joined the global pizza success story that started in 1960, Michigan, USA.

Domino's Pizza In Uyo

The world’s foremost pizza brand, Domino’s Pizza was open for Uyo customers along Ikot Ekpene Rd, Sunday 16th August 2020 afternoon.

Though mostly takeaways as the dinner were not open for Covid-19 related reasons, the numerous customers had to go in batches of 20 persons at a time.

Inside, the customers were thrilled with singing and chanting sales attendants as an amazed customer said she never witnessed before.

At the entrance door of the dinner, excited customers were greeted with irresistible smiles of supervisors whole played ‘Fancy World’ tour guide through different pizza products.

The Fantasyland experience continues with handover to ColdStone Creamery, here was the greatest energy staffs could display. The ColdStone team would intermittently burst into exciting songs that cheer customers with purchasing strength.

Maybe because the Domino’s Pizza staff were busier with sales. However, the whole experience was like a local football derby.

Spending some moments in awe of the new guys and new service, a customer wonders if it’s a live Donald Trump’s business reality TV show, ‘The Apprentice’.

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Yes their Boss, Eat N Go Nigeria Limited seems to enjoy it too, the managers of the Domino’s Pizza, Coldstone Creamery, and Pinkberry brands would be fulfilled, their territories are expanding – over 9,000 and counting. More than 3,000 of these outlets are outside of the US.

Mariam Busari, Head of Marketing, Domino’s Pizza shared some exciting pizza stories for Uyo ‘fans’ of pizza.

“We offer the best quality Pizzas, as per international standards.
Also, our number one rule is to make customers happy, that being said, our flavours and deals are always tailored to make sure everyone enjoys our pizzas. In addition to the health care; we have applied international protocols that also align with the Federal and State governments policies against COVID-19.”

According Busari, healthy hygiene practice is top notch at the new outlet.

“Pizzas are freshly baked everyday in our ovens at 450 degrees and is never touched when it comes out of the oven, most touched surfaces are cleaned several times within an hour with alcohol based sanitizers.”

For pizza customers in Uyo who may be restricted or restraint, Domino’s Pizza can be delivered 25mins from the time of placing an order for pizza.

Mariam Busari also confirmed that Domino’s Pizza deals are tailored to be enjoyed by all age groups.

While assuring plenty of packages for children’s delight, Domino’s Pizza also supports the ‘Hope Initiative’ by helping 1200 kids go to school as a form of corporate social responsibility, CSR.

Expectedly, the new pizza and creamery outlet will boost economic, employment and hospitality industry in Uyo as it opens it’s doors to customers and partners.

Few hours after opening, all vehicular traffic was turned towards Ikot Ekpene Rd by Iboko street in Uyo. The structure of a defunct foreign creamery was alive again for all. Yes for all including persons with disability as the remodeled edifice has a ramp.

Want some pizza, roll the dice and experience a Domino’s.

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