DianaPraise – Halleluyah Mp3 Download [VIDEO and Audio]

Dianapraise, a devout worshiper, has released a new song titled Halleluyah. The new song, Halleluyah, was written in total adoration for God.

Halleluyah was given to me during my communing with Christ; on that Saturday morning, five months ago, precisely my birth month(July). I broke into tears and began to sing this song till it sunk into my spirit and soul. Every time and anytime this song flows through mylips; it comes with heavy presence of the father: and I could feel the sensation all over me.
One of the days during my quite time in the office; the song hit me right there and I lost control over me,and the Holy Ghost tapped me saying, “send it to the world; that my glory may be proclaim.”
I began to teach the song in choir rehearsals; as if it was not enough, I kept hearing, “the world needs it, send it to them.” After much persuasion and conviction, I went ahead recording this song “Halleluyah”, to the glory of God


DianaPraise – Halleluyah Lyrics

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Halleluyah (3 times)

My heart, my mind,
My soul cry Halleluyah
For your mercies
your grace and love
I cry Halleluyah


The heavens cry
And the earth proclaim
Halleluyah to the king (1-time solo then all 2times)

Bridge: Amen Amen Amen Amen(4 times)

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