Dianapraise Afodo – Mp3 Download [VIDEO and Audio]

Afodo (Lord you are) is a song that was inspired from the altar of gratitude, love and appreciation as a burnt offering to the supreme deity – God, having accessed the love of the father. It is pertinent to come to the knowledge that God is absolutely everything to the existence of mankind. The world and our lives in entirety are rested on the shoulder of His mighty power. Whatever we are, we are in Him, and whatever we think for our lives can only be found in Him, that is why I say ‘’Afodo The Beauty Of My Life’’.


Dianapraise Bassey is also known as Mmaobong Okon , from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. She is the seventh child of her parents (last born). She began her music career in 2013 with a debut album titled ‘’ I Must Praise ‘’, she has been through different Ministries and has served in Music Director’s capacity. She is a spirit –filled worshipper and a praise lifter. She has released an album with five (5) songs and two (2) singles which are: I Must Praise (2013), Hallelujah (2019), and Afodo. She is presently a member of Inspired Voices, House on the Rock. She is also a song writer, music coach, inspirational speaker and a spoken word artiste.





Verse 1: Afodo o Atongo  Idem Ikpong  Abasi

Ete Iberedem mi

Friend to the needy

You have lavish me with so much peace and love

I’m   here to testify afokedo



You are glorious


The great I am

You are excellent

Awesome God, you are (twice)


Verse 2: Reliable father

Ibaha siba nte afo

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Nothing takes you by surprise

Nothing can limit your glory

They that trust in you are never disappointed

Jesus afokedo

(Repeat ch)



Afodo o

Afokedo o

Lord you’re the beauty of my life

Afodo o

Afokedo o

You’re the saviour of the world

Afodo o (afo o)

Afodo o (afo o)

Edidem  mme  ndidem  (afo o)

You are a Mighty God (afo o)

You are God forever, forever   (afo o)

Jesus you reign  (afo o)

Afo  o (afo o)

Afo o ( afo o) ( 4x)

Afo ( 8x)

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