Crime Update: Jealous Woman Kills Her Children In kano

Crime Update: Jealous Woman Kills Her Children In kano

The Kano State Police Command announced the death of two children allegedly killed by their mother.

The incident occurred in the Sagagi Layin Yan Rariya region of Kano.

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Sadik Haruna, the uncle of the slain children, told reporters that the woman had an argument with her husband because he had been jealous of him in the last few months.

The children allegedly killed by their mother were five-year-old Yusuf Ibrahim and his three-year-old sister Zahra’s Ibrahim, who died on Saturday.

“She beat the children and used a knife to cut them off. Her sister’s daughter (10-year-old) who was staying with them was another survivor, but she survived her hand cuts and she was a witness when the incident occurred.

“Since he was married, she refused to calm down,” Sadik said. “And his marriage is not more than two or three months old.”

He said, “The incident occurred while the husband was abroad and in the place of his new wife.”

“She committed the atrocities and ran away from the house”

Many people in Sagagi and Kano State, especially the neighbors of the house where the incident took place, were shocked to learn that the woman was not known to be mentally ill or intoxicated.

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