Coronavirus: No New COVID-19 Cases Reported In Beijing

Coronavirus: No New COVID-19 Cases Reported In Beijing

In Beijing on Monday, no new locally-transmitted confirmed, asymptomatic, or suspected cases of COVID-19 were registered, the municipal health commission said on Tuesday.

According to the commission, no newly imported registered, asymptomatic or suspected cases were also reported to the national capital on Monday.

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On Thursday, Beijing recorded one confirmed imported COVID-19 case, which was the first asymptomatic imported case identified on Sept. 19 after the city resumed direct international passenger flights on Sept. 3.

The first human cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19, subsequently named SARS-CoV-2 were first reported by officials in Wuhan City, China, in December 2019.

Since the first case of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19), infection pneumonia was detected in Wuhan, a series of confirmed cases of the COVID-19 were found in Beijing.

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