BBNiaja Updates: Why BBNaija Is Evil, Must Be Stopped – CAN

Latest BBNaija News For Today, Monday, 20th July 2020

BBNiaja Updates: Why BBNaija Is Evil, Must Be Stopped – CAN: The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has described reality television show Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) as evil while calling for its end.

BBNaija Updates 2020

Speaking to newsmen, Chairman of CAN in Rivers State, Stanley Dimkpa, urged political leaders to discourage immoral activities.

Dimkpa called on well-meaning Nigerians to join in the protest against BBNaija.

The CAN chairman stated that the immorality portrayed in the BBNAIJA show breeds evil.

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BBNaija Updates 2020

He said: “As Christians this, this ceremony is aimed at promoting diligence and reinvigorating a positive lifestyle and collectively making our state better.

“A state where tribe, creed, political party and church do not matter in the scheme of things but a state where equity, equality, qualification, truth and hard work are necessary criteria and conditions for justice.

“Promotion and appointment in all fields of life where reward and good morals will encourage everyone to abhor evil and do what is right. Romans 12:9.

“All these are needed to replace what we have in our world today where societal ills, crimes and immoral behaviours are geometrically increasing due to bad governance, poverty and reward for wrong doing, such as Big Brother Naija.

“I want to emphasize Big Brother Naija because all of us have to fight collectively to stop this immoral act and injustice in our land, as Christians and Africans, we have respect for mankind.

“For those of us that have allowed our friends and families to encourage the patronage of Big Brother Naija, know that it is an evil and we must clampdown on it.”

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