Babcock Sex Video: Girl In The Video Gets International Scholarship

Babcock Sex Video: Girl In The Video Gets International Scholarship

Babcock Sex Video: Girl In The Video Gets International Scholarship…

Babcock University’s female undergraduate, who was expelled last year after featuring on a viral sex tape, got an prestigious academic whip

Top Gist Portal recalls that the University management had expelled the student for giving the school a bad reputation and not living up to the school’s values.

Nevertheless, in a new development, a Nigerian medical student, Dr. Ola Brown who became involved in the case after her expulsion from Babcock University, her scholarship was completely paid out in a foreign country.

He took to Twitter to break the news, which acted as a follow-up to a June post that he made about the student.

He Wrote:

Just made her scholarship payment. She will be travelling out to study in the next few months. Future head of the IMF/World Bank loading by God’s grace

In the previous month, Dr Ola had written on the progress the lady has been making since some Nigerians came to her rescue. He disclosed that since her expulsion from the school, she has improved drastically, both academically and psychologically.

He wrote at the time:

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I don’t know if many people are going to notice, but there are some people who followed the story of ‘Babcock girl,’ I’m so proud of the progress she’s made academically/psychologically/spiritually.

Every time she calls she gets some new insight into the wonderful finance / accounting / economics universe. She is intelligent, enthusiastic and concentrated. She reads deeply and widely. She readily understands complicated subject matter. I see it at the IMF / AFDB or at some other global financial institution

She’ll Never be determined by the way someone she trusted abused her privacy.

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