‘Akpabio sexually assaulted me so I slapped him,’ says Joy Nunieh, the former NDDC Boss

'Akpabio sexually assaulted me so I slapped him, Joy Nuineh says

‘Akpabio sexually assaulted me so I slapped him,’ says Joy Nunieh, the former NDDC Boss: Former Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) managing director Joy Nunieh has accused Niger Delta minister Godswill Akpabio of sexually assaulting her.
Nunieh told AriseTV she had to slap Akpabio for wanting “to get on with me.”

'Akpabio sexually assaulted me so I slapped him

She alleges that she was suspended from office by Akpabio because she declined to give in to his sexual advances and reasons for corruption.

He also says he has declined to swear by his vow of loyalty.

“I am the only woman in Nigeria … the first Ogoni woman to slap him. I slapped him over his plan B. He wanted me to take a secret blood oath in Abuja,’ she said.

She added that Akpabio tried to induce her or shut her up with money.

“Since he couldn’t get me to take that money. He thought that Plan B..if he could come up on me….He didn’t know that I’m a Port Harcourt girl. Port Harcourt girls are not moved by money. By somebody telling me that he will make me a substantive MD.

“The meeting with me at Akpabio is either at Apo or at Meridian, or wherever. His meetings are these. I just slapped him back, “she said.

Asked to explain what she meant by “come on me” by breakfast hosts and whether she meant rape or sexual assault, she said “assault sounds better, not rape.”

Pointedly asked whether she was accusing the minister of sexual harassment, she fired back: “Yeah, I am accusing him.”

Nunieh has accused Akpabio of orchestrating an oil pipeline bombing last week.
“People bombed some pipelines just to remove me. A minister who serves can go and bomb the Niger Delta pipeline. Anyone who was a governor, a senator and a minister, he went to bomb the pipe line she allerged”.

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In his reaction, Akpabio described Nunieh as an angry woman who had problems with her former husbands because of her temperament.

“Let me just point this out. The last managing director that you mentioned. No matter the allegation, I wished that she would go to a hospital and get some injections and relax.

“I am saying that there is something wrong with her temperament. You don’t need to ask me. You can ask about four other husbands that she married. You also need to bring all the former husbands. At least bring four of them that she has married in the past to this studio, so that you ask them questions, one after the other. Because it looks like a character problem.

“What I am seeing here is that if somebody comes up and stands on a television channel wawawa…then the whole world…Nigerians love bad news. I am not that type of person. I am a minister and my job is to protect the citizens of this country and protect the administration of Mr. President.

“I must tell you that even President Buhari was not aware of all these things because I did not want to bother the man. He will be shocked,” Akpabio said.

In her response, Nunieh said; “Yes, I am accusing him of sexual harassment. Akpabio is most interested in my love life. Did he want to be my seventh husband? That’s why Akpabio told the world that I am temperamental. You know why Akpabio will tell the world that I am temperamental? Because of that incident where I slapped him.”

Nunieh has repeatedly accused Akpabio of forcing her to commit fraud, forcing her to inflate the budget of the NDDC, forcing her to take an oath of secrecy and grand-scale corruption.


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